Select Multi-trip Plan (特選全年計劃)

Select Multi-trip Plan (特選全年計劃)

Worldwide travel for 35 days trips - annual premium

(每次旅程為35 曰的環球旅遊)

Option #1 includes Emergency Hospital & Medical and flight Accident

(選擇#1 包括緊急額外住院及醫療保障和航空意外保障)

Option #2 includes Emergency Hospital & Medical , Flight Accident, $1,000 Trip cancellation and $2,000 Interruption coverage

(選擇#2 還包括取消旅程及延誤的保障)

Age (年齡)

8 days (日)

15 days (日)




Single 0- 60

$104/YR (年)

$174/YR (年)




Single 61-70






Single 71-75






Family 0 -60












Premium rate is per year (保費每年計算)




Note: The family rate applies to a maximum of 5 persons and includes the application and their spouse under age 61 and their dependent children under age 22 (家庭保費適合於1 2年齡不超過61歲居住在同一住所的成年人及連同最多三名22歲或以下子女)